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    Why do I love photographing PEOPLE so so so much?

    Perhaps my photographic instincts were in my DNA. I had long been aware that the pioneering photojournalist Margaret Bourke-White was my great aunt, and I had always felt a strange bond with her - even though she passed 10 years before I was born. (If you believe in reincarnation, I know what you are thinking and anything is possible...)

    My grandmother had many interesting photos on her wall, but only one of Margaret's original prints. An aerial view of thousands of logs floating down river on their way to the lumber mill. Nothing special really as far as her work went. (She photographed Gandhi, the Holocaust, Stalin, The Depression, the Dustbowl). But I spent a lot of time staring deeply into that one photograph. I was magnetized towards it.

    That is what I want, I thought.

    And of course it got filed away once again...

    Los Angeles, 2006 - after dozens of internships and jobs in casting and talent management, and even more headshot shoots OF ME, I finally took the leap and started taking headshots. I think I may be the only photographer that purposely set out to be an actor's headshot photographer out of pure desire, inspiration, and a gut feeling that I was meant to do it - I fell in love with photography by capturing all kinds of different people and performers, and became the photographer that I had always wanted to photograph me.

    I love what I do.

Client Spotlight: Hillary Rubin, Angel of Fire

I had known Hillary just a little bit when she reached out about needing new pictures for her Spirtual Life + Career Coaching website  It had been about 7 years since her last pro photos!  I knew she wanted a major upgrade and a new pro look, but still we needed to capture her spirit, authenticity and approachability.  We were actually able to use her home (which had nice big windows, with lots of indirect natural light pouring in, plus a couple carefully placed polystyrene reflecting boards) as well as her backyard (when the sun got low enough that this little corner of the yard was not being battered with harsh direct sunlight).  Hillary had just turned 40 if you can believe that, and even though she looks amazing and is a yoga master and dedicated health food expert, she still (naturally) had some fears, as we almost all do.  I made sure to show her the #BackOfCamera shots that were the very best, and when she saw how they were lit and framed, she gained a new boost of confidence and it was playtime!  Check out more at




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Backstage: Picture This (How to Choose a Headshot Photographer)

(Originally Published Aug 30, 2011 in Backstage and

In a few remote tribelike cultures, there is a deep and very real fear that having your photograph taken will actually steal your soul. This truly fascinates me, because when I lift my camera to take your picture, there’s a tiny voice in the back of my head whispering, “Psst, Caroline, how are you going to capture their soul?”

Casting is easy. With some Googling, a bit of peer surveying, and a dash of online clothes shopping, you’ve pretty much got it down. You’ve cut and pasted the breakdowns into a neat spreadsheet. You could almost take your wide range of romantic leads, villains, and characters and make it into a line graph or color-coded pie chart. You can rattle off your list of representative roles from the latest Broadway hits, Oscar films, and Emmy-winning series. You’ve done all your homework and even the extra credit. View full post »

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To Crash or Not to Crash…OR a brief interview with CD Craig Colvin

(originally published on Dec 2009)

I couldn’t get arrested. I arrived in Los Angeles with thousand dollar headshots, a degree from NYU, one lonely Off-Broadway credit, and a couple of commercial callbacks under my belt. My new roommate was pretty, positive, and an amazing waitress, and after 4 years in Los Angeles, she was finally starting to get regular commercial auditions. I was cute, impatient, and knew that my serving skills would always be pitiful. After months of workshops, mailings, classes, student films and networking, I still couldn’t get an agent. Not even a meeting. I just couldn’t imagine waiting four years to get going. View full post »

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