Such a fun and fantastic day photographing Jovanka! She is just a bundle of warmth and energy and being around her is so invigorating!


Living in Los Angeles has many perks and for a photographer, the lighting is at the top of the list. Practically every “golden hour” in Los Angeles feels like a magic that everyone shares in. Add to that one beautiful, elegant, sweet and down to earth lady to photograph and you have a photographers and clients perfect day of collaborating. I had such a wonderful time photographing and getting to know Laura; she is gorgeous not just on the outside, but on the inside as well, and her confidence and grace just flow effortlessly.



Shooting Inga Spouse in Shoreditch, London was SUCH a pleasure.  Isn’t she just so CUTE?  She kinda reminds me a bit of Annie Hall, who is actually I’d have to say my most favorite-est movie character of all time.  Funnily enough – Inga had no idea who or what I was talking about, which made her even more Annie Hall-like to me.  La-di-da, la-di-da… (I guess the Brits aren’t big followers of Woody Allen, but then again these days, who is?)  Inga is a master at the psychology of websites – what makes us respond, how websites makes us feel and behave, and how to get a website actually Doing Its Job Properly.  So of course, she is a very visual person, and being that she lives quite a ways outside of London proper, she was happily snapping snapping snapping away herself, all the live long day.  I loved watching her stop at little nooks and crannies, always seeing something worthy of a quick snap – and she is FAST on the trigger with her cute little blue pocket cam.  She was just wild – her EYE for things really got me.  I found myself trying to find things to point out, to see if I could understand  her unique eye for all the Little Things.  An odd window, a sticker on a wall, a cup full of straws… This photoshoot could not have felt LESS like work.  We got several coffees throughout the day, green juice, and we stopped for sushi at “Itsu”, a popular take-away chain which I have become obsessed with, and Inga I think loved it as well.  The seafood in London was really spectacular.  I had the Best Fish of My Life at Wright Brothers (I’ll see if I can dig up a snap of Laura Husson leaning against their bar…I ate there 3 nights in a row, which made them friendlier to me grabbing some quick shots…)  I just love Inga’s casual English country-ish style, so easy and relaxed.  I think it makes her seem quite trustworthy, which she is, so likeable, relatable, real, un-pretentious… Sort of JCrew meets Anthropology perhaps?  Ooh I just wanted to crawl into her suitcase full of preppy button downs and piles of scarves – oh the scarves!  Inga is simply SO INGA.  Don’t you love people like that?  They’re just so THEM.  Hopefully I can coax her into London next time for a little pub crawl slash instagram excursion…

For photographers: I LOVE me some cool fun walls, but let me tell ya, it can be tricky, these walls ya see.  Ideally, I like a wall that is not in direct sunlight – I try to never shoot in direct sunlight unless the sun is very, very low (extend your arm all the way, close one eye and hold your palm to the horizon – if there’s more than two palm widths between horizon and the sun, I consider that to be quite a high Sun still…)  I try to scout walls, but it can be tricky – if you really are set on a wall, you might want to scout it at different times of the day – of course, if you have a nice even cloud cover, that can be nice for subduing the harsh shadows on the face.  I’m sure you have noticed harsh shadows and direct sun-light in fashion photography…but even with a 20 year old supermodel face, a lot of photoshop still happens, and it takes a skilled model to not get all squinty-faced.  As a rule, I usually prefer to do all the inside shots first, and then pack up and go do all the location stuff when the sun starts to get lower, so I try to find walls that get shade in the afternoon.  Good luck getting me up with the sun… On instagram if you search #CWwallsLA you can find my obsession with the walls, locations, descriptions of light, and what a wall is FACING (which is important…you don’t want your subject’s face getting any blue/orange/green bounce off of a nearby hideous building… POOLS also can throw an ugly aqua tint onto faces, especially if you are shooting at a pool that doesn’t get great light (like the courtyard pool inside the Viceroy Santa Monica.)  Rooftop pools get great light.  Bring a ten spot or two incase you need to buy yourself into the good graces of the staff while it dawns on them that you aren’t an official guest.

When my photography biz got successful, I knew it was time to expand beyond my love of making amazing women look and feel beautiful for their lives and businesses.  I’d been DREAMING intensely of AFRICA for quite some time – but I didn’t just want to SEE Africa – I wanted to get involved, and use my talents in the best way possible.  (I’m not big on pure vacations…I prefer more to mix work and play.)
It was Michelle Goldblum and Alison Leipzig’s SOUL CAMP ( where I finally found my “Africa People” as I call them – Molly Ola Pinney and Aja Davis.  Molly is the CEO of the Global Autism Project (, a highly regarded and sustainable non-profit that is well established in over half a dozen countries around the world.  Turns out they could really use a videographer to show the transformations that they help foster between kids, parents, teachers and volunteers.  We all clicked instantly and got along like old friends.  It was simply meant to be.  And so I enthusiastically offered  to donate my video and photographic (but mostly video) services and creativity – a big inspiration for me having been my great aunt, photojournalist Margaret Bourke White {}, perhaps best known for photographing Gandhi, World War 2, and the first cover of LIFE Magazine.
So here we are!  About to embark to my dream country of Kenya AND to India (Ya!  Like Gandhi’s country! Whaaaa?!?!)  this December and January, in order to beautifully and vividly capture stories of education, sustainability, connections, families, awareness, giving, resources, inspiration, challenges, triumphs, modalities and cultures… showing the Global Autism Project “In Action” like never before, as only the amazing and undeniable power of video can deliver.
But get this: I’m ALSO giving away a FREE SHOOT to one lucky person that donates to this amazing cause.  Just $25 enters you to win – AND you can increase your chances of winning by giving more!  Pretty cool, eh?  So $50 enters you twice, $75 enters you three times, and so forth!  You can give anonymously, or publicly – it’s up to you – either way, we will have your info so that you will be automatically entered!  It’s easy!
Just go here to give:
{The Fine print: The winner will get to choose between a photo shoot OR a video shoot.  The randomly chosen winner (using *may* need to fly to have their shoot… (Currently scheduled to shoot in the coming months in LA, NYC, Paris, London, Miami and Chicago, subject to change.)  Professional Makeup and hair styling is not included.  Winner will agree to be photographed and have their image seen in social media / marketing etc.  Winner will receive custom retouching to 15 images if getting a photoshoot, OR if choosing a video shoot, the winner will receive an edited 3 minute promotional video similar to these videos:  Winner can choose between shooting at Caroline’s in-home studio, having Caroline come to the winner’s own home, or the winner may opt to provide their own hotel or hotel-type room.  Shoot must occur within 12 months of winning.}Here is that link again to give! SHARE this too!

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Mucho Amore.